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A&LComputer Software Limited has been in the computer software business since 1982. With the release of the A&L Medical System in 1985, A&L started directing its product line toward the medical market in Ontario, more specifically to medical offices and clinics. A&L has worked closely with the Ontario Medical Association, medical laboratories and the Ontario Ministry of Health to ensure that its software applications align well to the specific needs of its clients. A&L's president, Alex Yuan was granted the 1995 Entrepreneur Of The Year award from the Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario. In 1998 he also recieved the Entrepreneur Of The Year award from the Association of Chinese Canadian Entrepreneurs and the Outstanding Business Achievment Award from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. In 1992, A&L took over Medics, a competitor, helping to expand its presence throughout Ontario, and also leading to the development of a joint marketing venture with the University of Toronto the following year. This resulted in A&L donating 33% of its software revenue to the University of Toronto and the Chinese Community Nursing Home for Greater Toronto.

In 1994, A&L released its document imaging program, A&L Document Console, expanding its potential client base beyond the medical community (and beyond Ontario) to include a variety of business venues. This software product allows all documents, whether they be text, photographs, charts, etc., to be stored and indexed on computer databases for immediate access. This can allow a business to run a virtually paperless office and to electronically route all documents anywhere in the world. In 1995, A&L launched a joint venture with another Ontario company, HTN Incorporated, in order to develop and market the Healthcare Electronic Resources On-Line (HERO*) network for Ontario physicians. It provided the Ontario healthcare industry with its first comprehensive transactional network. A&L HERO*, a Windows based application, provides electronic OHIP billing, scheduling and e-mail in addition to the capability for laboratory requisitions and prescription transmission in association with those laboratories and pharmacies who will eventually subscribe to the network. A&L now has a 30% share of HTN Incorporated, and continues to develop and market the HERO* network through its Client Service Centers and business partners across Ontario. ('HERO*' is a registered trademark of HTN Incorporated.) In 1997, A&L expanded into the United States by opening its first Dealership for A&L Document Console in Fallbrook, California. For further information you may access their website.

A&L also publishes a newsletter, Softwords, which can be viewed at this website by selecting the 'newsletter' hot button on the menu. Please make sure to visit often to keep up with our latest developments.

A&L has achieved a high level of success in its position as a leader in the development of medical software, a position on which A&L continues to build. A&L will continue to provide timely and cost effective leading edge solutions, not only to the medical community, but to the business community as a whole. Through the on-going development of its document imaging package A&L has expanded its client base, delivering high quality software to the global community. The A&L team is here to serve you in any way we can.

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