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Viewing Options in Document Console

Switching between Half-Screen and Full-Screen views

The A&L Document Console facilitates document viewing by giving the user the option of changing the viewing window displayed to from half-screen to full screen size. Clicking on the Sidebar with your mouse allows you to hide and restore the ‘Outline Window’ in A&L Document Console

The FULL-SCREEN icon extends the document-viewing portion of the screen to the full screen width. It automatically resizes the viewing screen, allowing you to immediately see the document. Scroll bars appear to the side and bottom of the window, allowing you to scroll through the parts of the document not showing in the window.

Clicking the mouse on the sidebar again will return the screen back to the Outline window and the document will be displayed in its former, half-screen viewing size. You can use the toolbar to choose a different size for the document you are viewing.

In both the half-screen size and full-screen size, you are free to enlarge the document from the "Fit" to screen size (default) to enlarging by as much as 300%. If you return to viewing the document in a half-screen window after you have enlarged it, the document will remain in its enlarged or changed viewing size. Re-sizing of course does not change the actual size of the document, it only changes the viewing size on the screen.

Viewing Size Options

You can view any selected document in numerous sizes. The viewing size of the selected document is displayed at the bottom of the screen, beside the page number indicator field.

Clicking the mouse on the viewing size field at the bottom left of the screen opens a dialog box that allow you to change the viewing size from 1% to 400% of its original size in the viewing screen. You can use the enhanced keyboard arrow keys to increase (right or down) or decrease (left or up) the viewing size one percent at a time. You can also enter in a percentage in the numeric field manually, or use the mouse to move the slider to the desired level. This function works in either full or half screen viewing mode.

Once the document is on the screen, you can click the mouse directly on the document to increase (left mouse button) or decrease (right mouse button) viewing size ten percent at a time. The sizes range from 10% and Fit (meaning, sized to fit in the present window) to 400%.

Viewing Options in Document Console

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