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Document Handling: Overview

Document Console drop-down menuWorking with documents is what a filing system is all about, whether those documents are in electronic or paper form. Thus A&L Document Console offers a wide range of features to handle documents.

First let us explain the structure of the filing system that A&L Document Console provides for the user. For the medical user of the system, the major key for information access is the client name. Within a given patient's (or client) document, you can establish several different 'file folders' called categories.

For instance, you may wish to have a separate file folder or category for all of that patient's physicals, another one for that patient's x-rays, one for prescriptions, one for laboratory reports, and so on. You decide how you wish to classify all the documents relating to a given client according to your own needs.

Within a given file folder or category, you will have several different records of the same type. For example, if Annual Physicals is one of your categories, you may have a record for each of the past three years. Each of these would have a different title, namely Physical 1995, Physical 1996, and Physical 1997, for example. Each of these would have a specific originator or author (most likely you), and for a given physical there may be several pages.

New information about a client can be input to A&L Document Console either from scanning in a source document or importing it electronically (i.e. from another computer record on your computer or from another computer). In either case it can be 'added' or 'appended'.

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