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The A&L Document Console - In Depth

The wonder of making human-readable images into computer-readable images is that they become much more versatile, flexible and manageable. Now anything you could do with a computer file can be done with a human-readable image. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Documents can be filed, searched, retrieved, sent, duplicated, printed, faxed, stored, used as an information base and accessed from anywhere, all because they are in electronic form. Hence, you have an intelligent virtual filing cabinet accessible from your desktop or remote computer.

The A&L Document Console was developed to supplement and/or take the place of your filing system to the degree you desire. It allows you to treat documents, reports, test results, letters or any other forms of information coming into your office as a permanently filed document. These documents now held in electronic form will be all that you need, all accessible in moments while you are sitting at your desk.

All documents can be scanned into the client's file and will now be kept in the computer as part of your client's records. They will be readily available simply by opening the client's record by first or last name, chart number, health or reference number, telephone number, or even date. And all their documents will be listed as part of their file. You have a comprehensive document management system configured to your needs with an easy-to-use graphical interface. And because it is written in a Windows environment, the icons are intuitively informative, as are the menus and menu commands.

A&L Document Console main screen

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