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Return on Investment

Using an electronic document imaging application can generate real cost savings as well as enhanced revenue. The scope of improved efficiency varies with degree of implementation, and includes reduced labor costs, improved cash flow, streamlined management workflow, increased reimbursement, and detailed financial reporting. All these factors can contribute to making a delivery system of any size more profitable.

  • Spend less time documenting

  • Eliminate paper charts and their associated costs

  • Stop chasing paper

How Document Imaging Reduces Storage Space

A typical four-drawer filing cabinet can hold from 10,000 to 12,000 individual documents. That cabinet occupies about four square feet of floor space, and requires about four more square feet of space for access to the drawers. In a medical practice for example, as existing patients continue to consult with the physician, and as new patients are acquired, more paperwork is generated, increasing the need for filing cabinet space. A&L Document Console can store up to 39,000 pages of text in as little as 640 megabytes or less, the equivalent of one CD. Can you estimate how many patient charts and documents might be filed in a physician’s office or clinic? Or how many pages of client documents might be found in a law office, or a financial organization?

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