; Security and PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act)

Security & PIPEDA

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Many of us have heard the various media reports detailing instances of identity theft or of personal information being misappropriated in some fashion. While we may focus in on the after effects of information theft, we often don’t give much thought to the sequence of events that allowed it to occur in the first place; most often, a culture of complacency surrounding traditional paper or electronic media handling.

Reviewing PIPEDA, the federal governments new Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, one becomes aware of how much this law will change the way many practices manage personal information in their care. Among a host of other requirements, safeguards must be in place to protect personal data against loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification, regardless of the format in which it is held. If you need to find an alternative to insecure bulky paper files or a method of controlling access to and sharing electronic documents, A&L’s document management application, Document Console, might be something to take a closer look at.

A&L Document Console & Security

Like many robust applications, Document Console has the ability to manage simultaneous users and also control what functions each user has the ability to perform on the retrieved documents. This would be analogous to having a security officer assigned to each staff member who accesses paper files. The security officer would not only check to see if the person were allowed to have the document, they would also accompany and protect it based on a pre-defined set of permissions. It is important to note that documents are stored inside the Document Console databases in an encrypted format. Your information is completely protected; even if an unauthorized person gained access to the raw databases, they still wouldn’t be able to view or retrieve any of the stored documents.

A&L Document Console & Accessibility

Document Console has been designed to work with both Local Area Networks (LAN’s) and Wide Area Networks (WAN’s). Simply stated, this means that documents can be accessed from any computer in the world that has a high-speed Internet connection and of course, Document Console. When the document has been retrieved, and as long as the user has the proper permissions, it can immediately be edited, printed, faxed, emailed or exported out of Document Console for use with another application.

A&L Document Console & Productivity

Think of the steps and time required to create, retrieve or re-file documents, especially if they have been misplaced or misfiled. How many man-hours per day are consumed maintaining your paper based filing system? There is just no getting around the fact that the greatest time component involved with traditional paper files is document handling. With Document Console, any saved document is only a few keystrokes away and misfiled documents are a thing of the past since a search on the actual text contained within a document can even be performed. In many traditional filing systems, paper is the medium used for information storage.

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