; OHIP - Shadow Billing Update

A&L Medical System - Shadow Billing Update

Any patient billed to OHIP (with Health Number) will be billed a zero amount. (non H400 to H450 service code)

When you bill with shadow billing services, you should be billing under a special patient record that you create by following the instructions below.

The Service code you use should range from H400 to H408. The software module has built-in validation process to not let you exceed a billing maximum per day.

Any patient billed as non-OHIP (Reciprocal, WCB or Private) will be billed at their normal rate or fee for services.

You are required to use a new doctor code for Shadow Billing.


Please create patient records as follows: 

Sex: M
Date of Birth: 15 JAN 1996
Health Number: 00000nnnnn

You should use this new patient when billing OHIP for H400 to H408 service codes.