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Application Setup

So you have expanded your office and added some new computers? Or maybe you are tired of having your PC the focus of attention and need to place it somewhere else? Or you tried doing it on your own and now nothing works? Our technicians are experts when it comes to A&L Document Console or A&L Medical Systems settings. Whether you need additional workstations to be setup with the A&L software or you need E.D.T. setup on another PC, call us for competitive pricing.

Custom Reports

Do you have something unique about your practice? Do you need a special report that is not in the A&L Medical Billing Systems program? Contact us today for a quote and we will take your specifications and do our utmost to create a report that will work for you.

Data Transfer

Have you purchased a new computer because the one you have is getting old? Your computer just crashed and there is no way to get your A&L software working on your old PC? You would like your A&L software to be transferred to a newer PC? Why not contact us and have our trained and experienced technicians handle the migration of your A&L Medical Systems or A&L Document Console software. Our technicians know what the proper setting should be and we can help to ensure that the migration is seamless.

Please note: Cost does not include installation and transfer of modems, hardware or any other software.


Networking can be a hassle, especially when you do not know how to do it! With all the wiring and cabling involved you can potentially put yourself in a knot? Why not have our trained service technicians handle the job for you? We can assess your needs and provide solutions for your medical practice. A&L Computer Software Limited always attempts to offer a wide range of services to our medical clients at a competitive price. So why not let A&L be your networking solution? If you require any type of networking service, please contact us for a quotation.

System Maintenance

Is your computer a bit sluggish with your A&L Medical Systems or A&L Document Console software? Having a problem that no one seems to be able to figure out? Keeping your computer running smoothly will ensure that your office is without unwanted and expensive interruptions.

A&L Computer Software Limited constantly endeavors to do our utmost to provide assistance with any problems our clients may be experiencing and we are generally able to analyze a problem following through a 3-step evaluation method. Why not contact us to have a service technician come onsite to service your A&L software. An A&L technician will serve the purpose of checking your computers settings for the A&L Medical Systems and A&L Document Console program. The technician will verify that all the settings are correct and attempt to diagnose and solve any problems that maybe occurring.

Popular PC Maintenance Information

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