; Dr. Eugene Pommier B.sc., M.D., FRCP(C)

Senior Consultant


Dr. Eugene Pommier B.sc., M.D., FRCP(C)
Senior Consultant
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Eugene PommierDr. Pommier has been associated with A&L for the past 11 years. Until now he has worked in the busy emergency department at the Sudbury General Hospital, restructured as the St. Joseph's Health Centre of the Sudbury Regional Hospital. Dr. Pommier was president of the medical staff and medical director of the air ambulance program responsible for the air paramedics, on the helicopter called Bandage Two. His two boys ages 26 and 23 are now on their own, working in Toronto, leaving him free to take a holiday from practicing emergency medicine.

Joining the staff at A&L is his version of a midlife crisis as he embraces, this new mistress, the computer world. At A&L he will be providing some technical support while devoting most of his time to improving, the A&L Document Console. He hopes that his five years of experience in general practice and 20 years in emergency medicine will combine with his computer knowledge to produce a favourable mix.

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