; A&L HERO Update - November 2009

A&L HERO Update - June 2010

A&L HEROThe changes to Version 7.11 are as follows:

1. In the Fee Code setup window, the "P.S.T. Exempt" field has been hidden, and the "G.S.T. Exempt" field has been renamed "H.S.T. Exempt". When saving a new Private/Insured claim, 13% HST will automatically be added (except for fee codes marked as "H.S.T. Exempt") (instead of PST and/or GST). Help file and reports updated accordingly.

2. Added some new error codes, exception codes, and specialty codes.

To update to the newest version of A&L HERO, click on File, click on Transmit, click on Upgrade, click on Download. Proceed and answer prompts. The connection time may take approximately 20 mins depending on the speed of your modem (faster on high-speed Internet VPN connections). Once the downloading is complete, exit the A&L HERO* program and then go back in. As you open the application, the program will prompt you through the last step. Please follow the instructions on screen. Should you encounter any problems or if you have any questions, and you are a client of A&L Software Ltd., please call the A&L Support team at 416-477-2669 or 905-886-8066.

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