; Common Types of Computer Viruses

Common Types of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are similar to biological viruses in the way they multiply in number and in the way they need a host to survive. However, in both scenarios there must be a cause, such a weak immune system or an expired anti-virus program, in order for the virus to penetrate and spread. Having a reliable anti-virus program http://www.ftjcfx.com/image-3265242-10539720is the best solution. 

Just as a biological virus spreads by injecting its DNA into a host cell, whereas a computer virus needs to attach itself to a document or program to infect other computers and programs.The way a computer virus infiltrates your PC depends on the type of virus it is. Because all computers viruses have their own features and factors that make them unique and dangerous to the health of your computer. Making it important than ever to learn about the different types of computer viruses lurking in the corners of cyberspace and on the fringes of your hard drive. The advantage of learning more about these computer viruses is two fold. First, you'll gain valuable knowledge, and second you'll be able to better prevent and deal with a computer virus when and if it preys your computer.

Due to the many different types of computer viruses, it can be confusing at times to diagnose what kind of virus your computer is suffering from. To make the identifying process easier, we've listed the three basic types of viruses that you will likely encounter.

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