; Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) Service

Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) Service

The December 2014 deadline is approaching. Are you looking for information on MCEDT? Call us today at 905-886-8066 for more information.

EDT Guidelines  
Forms and Applications  
EDT Reference Manual
File Compression for Remittance Advice Claim Reports
Claim Submission Media Types

Cut-off Dates

OHIP Billing & Medical Software


Your Office In A Box: A&L HERO* a Windows-based software package, provides a single, integrated solution for medical records, EDT, practice management and many requirements of a modern practice.
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A&L Medical Billing System

The A&L Medical Systems was developed hand-in-hand with doctors and medical staff. It speaks the lingo and meets medical office needs. It has been on the market since 1985, and has proved itself to be one of the most successful OHIP billing programs in the medical field.
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Electronic Document Imaging Systems

Web-based A&L Document Conole

A&L Document ConsoleOur Web-based document management solution ensures productivity by reducing storage costs, cutting down on document printing and enhancing your workflow. A&L Document Console can save you time, space, and money, while giving you complete control of all your files.
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