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Our new web-based Document Console

Overview - Web-based A&L Document Console

The A&L Document Console is a document imaging program that transforms human-readable images into computer-readable images. In other words, the A&L Document Console takes whatever information you may have, regardless of its form, and translates it into a computer image. This computer image can then be manipulated as a computer file. This makes it flexible, accessible and convenient to use. The A&L Document Console is your information center, organizing all of your records so that they are filed in your computer and accessible.

Through its use of a Graphical User Interface, the A&L Document Console keeps all documents, photographs, files or records looking the same as they did on paper. These documents can be retrieved in seconds, printed, faxed, emailed or simply viewed. Going to and from your filing cabinet every time a client or document enters your office will be a thing of the past. The A&L Document Console is an information integrator and file manager. It will help you keep abreast of daily filing and refilling procedures while increasing your capacity for document storage. Any document or file is now stored in the computer, stored and indexed in a database, awaiting access or retrieval.

Data Protection & Document Security: Restricts access to certain users through multi-levels of password security.

Audit Trail: Able to keep an audit trail of every view, edit and change performed for any document or file.

Encryption: Information and database is encrypted for security.

Export to PDF: A&L Document Consoles comes with the ability to export image files to PDF, from within the application.

Built-in Search: Retrieves data instantly through a keyword search.

Multi-Format Support: Import ANY file format into to the web-based A&L Document Console.

- Advantages of Adobe Acrobat PDF Files
- Word, Excel, Forms and Annotations
- Windows XP Tablet - Journal Notes
- Lotus, Open Office & Corel Wordperfect
- Images, X-Rays, Multimedia and Video
- Web Archival
- DICOM Files and Cardiology

Web-based and Network Ready: Supports a variety of networking options, such as LAN and WAN.

Image Adjustment: Zoom In and Rotate, just a few features in the Document Console.

OCR: Ability to OCR scanned documents.

DICOM: Radiology or ultrasound equipment DICOM file compatible.

Remote Access:
A&L Document Console can operate via VPN connections, or web-based, using TCP/IP networking technologies.

Database: A&L Document Console can operate via Remote or Local databases in a variety of configurations.

Indexing: Once a document image has been captured, it is typically indexed using one or more identifiers. A&L Document Console allows you to determine your indexing criteria as you design your file structure.

Digital Signatures: Able to digitally sign documents, letters, memos inside the application.

Version History: Ability to keep a version history of documents and changes to documents. Keeping previous letters, memos in tact, if required.

Task Management: Customizable Task Administration and Management, natively within the Document Console.

Scheduling / Room Component: Use the scheduling module natively inside the Document Console.

Custom Forms and Microsoft Office Integration: A&L Document Console has the ability to work with custom Microsoft Word forms.

Web browser based: Use either Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher / Firefox 2.0 or higher (on both Microsoft Windows and **Apple OSX for the workstations - see System Requirements for details).

**Call us for details about Apple OSX support

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