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The Query Function in our Web-based Edition

The Query command allows you to search different client records, demographics and data. The query gives you full access to your files, documents and data. You can query or search any document on the basis of chart (or client) number, last name, first name, birthdate, health number (or reference number), document category, document title, document date. Your query or search can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Depending on your purposes, the more particular you are in setting the range of specifications for your search or query, the narrower the range of search the Query command will activate. In other words, the more entries you provide, the more narrow and precise your search and query results will be.

After specifying the nature of the parameter, you can then list exact criteria for the query to search for. Simply click the mouse on the SEARCH button to begin. A message box will inform you if no match was found. Click the mouse on the RESET button to clear the entry you have made to use different parameters and criteria.

Depending on the nature of the particular parameter, each has operations that set a range for the search. This means the search specifications have flexible parameters that allow for flexible queries. The range of parameters is set and determined separately for each of the specifications. The operations used by the query include Between, Equal to, Like, Less than and Greater than. The type of parameter will determine which operations can be used where.

The Query dialog box uses any or all parameters of a client or document for retrieval. It allows you to enter as little or as much detail on the document in order to carry out the search. Develop organized ways of naming documents and their categories for easier access.

Image of the Query Function

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