; What is the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC

What is the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has all the capabilities of Windows XP Professional, extending the core operating system with pen, ink, and speech functions. The Tablet PC offers a more natural and intuitive mobile computing experience by integrating pen capabilities more deeply into the operating system and the programs.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition enhances productivity by delivering deep pen-and-ink integration. You can share your ink documents with others—even if they are not using a Tablet PC.

Significant improvements to word and case recognition in Tablet PC Input Panel include a dynamic ink-to-text conversion process and the option to make corrections before you insert text. Using an ‘electronic’ pen to annotate over a document or template and save the file with your own handwriting, truly enhancing your paperless office solution. Let us show you how A&L Document Console, in conjunction with XP Tablet Edition, can improve your office or business workflow.

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