; Advantages Of Using Adobe Acrobat PDF Files in your EMR

Advantages Of Using Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

Adobe PDF documents can be shared, viewed, and printed by anyone, on any system, using free Adobe Reader® software — regardless of the operating system, original application, or fonts. Adobe Reader® software can be installed on every network computer or system for free and people and you can download it for free from the Internet. PDF files are an advantage to your EMR process and A&L Document Console system because it allows you to share documents easily with anyone with no added expenses.

Benefits listed are as follows:

• Documents always look exactly the same

• Documents can be distributed worldwide for almost zero cost and then be digitally printed.

• Documents can be magnified by up to 1600%, without diminishing the quality.

• The documents can be navigated by keyword search, table of contents or hyperlinks.

• The format is ideal for presentations, since PDF documents always look exactly the same on all platforms.

• The file format is very compact, so files can be sent quickly to recipients.

• Ideal for archiving, since the look and feel of documents is retained and the document size is compact

• The file format is essential for business documents like agreements and forms that must retain their exact appearance for legal reasons.

Sharing across Platforms

A PDF File is a document format that represents a document in a manner independent of the hardware, operating system and application software used to create the document. It was designed to enable documents to be transferred and shared across computer platforms. A PDF document created in one platform such as Windows can be read in another platform such as Macintosh or Unix.

All these advantages translate into faster, cheaper and less complex documents, improving workflow throughout the your office or business.

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