; What our Web-based Document Console has to offer?

What our Web-based Document Console has to offer?

Why Store Paper When You Can Store Documents Electronically?

Electronic Storage SolutionsDocument Imaging is the process of converting a hard copy document (text, photograph, drawing, etc.) into computer readable format. This is usually done by a process called scanning, using a machine called a scanner.

Once scanned, the information is then stored on computer disk where it can be accessed later for reading, printing or transmission via fax, proprietary network, e-mail or the Internet to another computer or fax machine anywhere in the world.

The many advantages of this process include a reduction in physical storage space (in effect you have a "virtual filing cabinet"), easier and faster access, a reduction in paper handling and a reduction in operating costs.

Managing Files Electronically

Eliminate the clutter in your office; eliminate the hours tracking down information. Have access to your records instantly whether you are - in your office, on the road or home. You have the ability to scan your paper documents and sort them later at your leisure. You have the power to import files directly. You can create your own forms in Microsoft Word and use them as templates with pick list and check boxes. Using your forms in conjunction with a wireless tablet PC, gives you mobility around the office. Or continue creating notes with paper, scan the file and shred the hard copy. Flexibility to manage your patient files is the key!

A&L Document Console gives you total control. It has a built in audit trail and prevents unauthorized users from accessing your patient information, unless they obtain your permission to do so.

Our new, web browser based Document Console application can utililize workstations running under Microsoft Windows or **Apple Mac OSX in a mixed environment. It is network ready and supports a variety of networking options, such as LAN and WAN, for enterprise muti-user locations. It has been designed with a user interface that is simple and easy to use.

Give yourself the control you deserve and call us today!

**Call us for details about Apple OSX support

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