; A&L Medical Billing System - Overview

A&L Medical Billing System - Overview

At A&L, we know that the purchase of a medical software package is a process that requires deliberation. The more information you can find out about the systems available to you, the happier you will be with your decision.

Doctors like the way we operate

A&L DoctorsThe A&L Medical System was designed and developed hand-in-hand with doctors and medical staff. It speaks the lingo and meets medical office needs. The A&L Medical System has been on the market since 1985, and it has proved itself to be one of the most successful programs in the medical field. Today, over 3,800 registered doctors use the A&L Medical System and our family of users is growing.

The A&L Medical System can be completely customized to suit your exact requirements. It works well for single users or may be upgraded to a multi-station, multi-doctor system. It is user friendly and easy to learn. It allows you to quickly set up a master patient system and billing list, complete with OHIP (and WCB) benefit and fee schedules, dollar basis statement payments, diagnostic codes and remittance information. The daily transaction entries are a snap and are updated to your accounting module.

But A&L is much more than a billing system. It’s a powerful reference tool and patient record keeper. It allows you to keep abreast of individual medical profiles and medication histories at the touch of a button. And all information can be easily turned into printed reports. Profiles, statistical analysis statements, transaction summaries, diagnostic code listings, and other key information can be yours in electronic or printed form.

No more headaches...

As OHIP changes fee schedules or billing procedures, A&L will be there to provide you with the modifications and instructions to make certain that your system is always up to date. In fact, A&L regularly makes these changes before the actual date they come into effect.

Something you should know

In this modern world where little business is conducted directly any more, we still deal face to face with our customers. Through our Head Office or through our Ontario wide network of Dealers, we offer our customers province wide support as well. We treat each purchase of the A&L Medical System as a vote of confidence and trust in our products and company. We will do everything in our power to not betray this confidence or trust. That is our promise and pledge to all of our customers. Every system sold is the back bone of our business and the ultimate goal we set for ourselves as a company is to ensure that each results in a satisfied customer.

A&L’s Friendly FeaturesClick to view our Web-based Document Console

- User friendly with reduced keystrokes
- For both single & multiple physician practices
- Patient and Doctor file maintenance
- Multi-user/Multi-tasking capability
- Local area network (LAN) capability
- Instant in-context on-line help
- OHIP, WCB & out of province diskette submission and reconciliation
- Unlimited storage of OHIP fee and diagnostic codes
- May store up to six years history on 21 MB Hard Disk Drive (much more with larger drive)
- Back billing register capacity
- Transaction and Statistic Reports
- Integrated accounting system
- Print audit trail, labels, tab cards, reports, etc.
- Built-in fourth generation database and query language
- Multiple layered passwords for system or modular security
- Built-in diagnostic, self-repairing health utilities
- Remote modem access
- Card reader capabilities
- Customized Forms, Letters and more
- Word Processing integration and application integration
- Electronic Scheduling
- Modular Components

A&L Medical Systems is available for the Ontario Ministry of Health (OHIP) billings

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